The truck stops listed on this site provide professional truckers, RVers, business and leisure travelers safe environments for fuel, food, travel items, and services.

These locations have TRUCKING INFORMATION CENTER literature displays, supplying professional truckers with information on jobs, services and products that make life
on the road easier.

In addition, these truck stops usually have fast food or full service restaurants, convenience stores, internet access, scales, ample parking, showers, dump stations, and other trucker services. Many have motels on site or nearby. The retail stores offer common products needed for truckers
and other travelers.  For all of your needs on the Road!
Locate Truck Stops and Travel Centers across the USA

Truck Stops and
Quality truck stops meeting the needs of truckers, RVers ad all travelers.
Travel Centers
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RIGGUARD is a cost effective solution for front end protection, keeping your semi safe from costly repair and dreaded downtime from front end collisions. The RIGGUARD  will stand up to numerous animal collisions and the toughest road conditions, with little or no damage.  The RIGGUARD folds down easily for engine access.  MADE PROUDLY IN THE USA!
Since 1993, AdvoCare® has been a world-class nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance. Navigate through this site to learn more about our cutting-edge nutritional supplements and skincare as well as the opportunity to earn a full time income with a part time commitment by sharing AdvoCare products with others.

Our products are formulated by an elite Scientific and Medical Advisory Board with over 200 years combined experience in pharmacology, toxicology, nutrition, sports performance and pediatrics. We have a multitude of product endorsers that includes professional athletes, champion amateur athletes, and acclaimed entertainers.
24-Day Challenge Bundle
A comprehensive weight-loss system
Meal Replacement Shake
Nutritious Meal On The Go
AdvoCare Slam®
Ready-to-drink Liquid Vitamin and Amino Acid Energy Supplement
AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink - Variety Pack
Vitamin and Amino Acid Energy Supplement
Electrolyte Replacement Drink
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Professional athletes, coaches, entertainers and world champions
are fueled by AdvoCare products.
Jason Witten
Dallas Tight End
7 Time Pro Bowler
Drew Brees
AdvoCare National
Pro Football
Austin Dillon
Nationwide® Series Driver Car No. 3
Aric Almirola
Sprint® Cup Series Driver Car No. 43
Richard Petty
7-time Cup
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Seat Specialists is the leading authority on specialty replacement seating for commercial truck seats, tractor seats, construction seats, surveillance seats, mobile command seats, pick up truck seats, automobile seats, truck seat parts and accessories such as comfort seat cushions.  We also carry some highly specialized 24/7 operator office seats for those that spend a lot of time behind the desk or in the back of a mobile command/surveillance unit rather than behind the wheel.  We provide the aftermarket seating essentials for a safe and effective work environment whether you are driving a truck or in a control room.
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Knoedler  produces High Quality Truck and Bus Driver’s seats for many applications. Our program includes seats for economic practical applications, low profile seats for special applications and top of the line Hand Made Ultra Luxury seats that use our special Poly-Dynamic air suspension system. We pride ourselves in using good, solid and proven components in our seats. This translates into top quality that can be felt and that makes a difference in comfort, which certainly improves the driver's working environment every single day.

HAND MADE TRUCK SEATING.  1-800-550-1150
Call today about Drivers Legal Plan
(800) 580-8789
Drivers Legal Plan is an actual national law firm, dedicated to protecting  the interests of commercial drivers, especially their “employability”.  The Plan was designed by truckers in 1991 to make the best legal representation affordable to CDL holders.  Now that CSA 2010 is upon us, drivers must defend  their record from any roadside violation, and
Drivers Legal Plan is, more so than ever, the most efficient & effective way to protect your driving career!.
Preferred Engine Overhaul Financing Program

$35,000 maximum finance amount. 
Truck loan must be closed or near the end of contract. We’ll place a lien on title.
Warranty on engine will be required for at least one year.
Truck must be in good condition with a general condition report supplied by the Service Dept.
Model year 2004 or newer.
36 month maximum term.
Borrower must have at least $5,000 revolving credit available as well as experience making mortgage or installment    
  payments of at least $600 per month for at least twelve months.
Borrower has had no significant credit problems over the past few years and has never defaulted on a truck loan.
Minimum 600 credit score.

We’ll refinance a truck, including the cost of overhaul if the following conditions are met:.
Any questions please contact Brandi Walters @
or call 800-501-9786 ext. 534
Don’t Forget Our Used Truck Class 8 Finance Program!
FAX APPS: 262-923-1238
With over 75 years of experience we understand the importance of quick, courteous and dependable service.  Lost time is lost money and that’s what we protect.  Membership includes Towing, Winching, Flat Tire Service, Fuel Delivery, Lockout Recovery and Much More, all for less than $1 per day!
TruckersEdge Load Board
TruckersEdge Load Board powered by DAT for Owner-Operators:
Find Loads, Get Paid, Go Home...Starting at only $34.95 and your first 30 Days are FREE!

We offer mattresses for ALL truck manufacturers!

From the economical Everynight Road Deluxe to the luxurious Road Premier, featuring a special lofted quilt top cover that provides a cooler and plush feel over conforming memory foam, we have the perfect mattress for you.

Our uniquely designed mattresses ensures a restful night’s sleep in your semi truck sleeper by letting our customers choose the right personal density needed.  All mattresses go through quality assurance before leaving the warehouse; every mattress meets strict U.S. fire codes, are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and easily cleaned!